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Our intake specialists are here to listen to your needs and match you with the appropriate law group that will suit your needs the way YOU want.

Here at Express Legal Delivery LLC, we have teamed up with over 100 lawyers nation-wide to best balance this lawsuit epidemic.

Don't get lost in the shuffle and HOPE someone is looking at your file. Prior to any forward movement is EVEN set, we will pull medical records for you at NO COST at all. 

Actually, Express Legal Delivery has NEVER charged a single victim of these drug companies. IN OTHER WORDS, this is free with NEVER an obligation.

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Here are some of what we are working on now.


Have you been hurt by Medicine or a Medical Device?

We have included some injuries to see if you can relate. These are only a few.

Xarelto (Bleeding on the Brain, Intestinal Bleeding, Uncontrolled Bleeding or Even Death)

Invokana (Ketoacidosis, Heart Attack, Stroke, Arrhythmia, Amputation of Limbs or Even Death)

IVC Filter (The Filter has Moved, Fractured, Tilted or is Unrecoverable)

- Taxotere (Used in cancer treatments) (Partial or complete hair loss and Alopecia) 

- Talcum Powder (Ovarian Cancer, Mesothelioma or Even Death)

The reason we do what we do is because there are HUGE lawsuits being won by patients like you that have been injured in some way by these terrible products. 

PLEASE reach out to us ASAP so we can get you in contact with our group's lawyers to discuss your possible compensation. 

There is NO COST to you at all and any lawyer fees are ONLY ever collected from settlement winnings. So there is no out of pocket, you have suffered enough already haven’t you? 

No OBLIGATION and FREE consultation.

Because YOUR Well-Being is OUR Motivation. 

What if?

What if you did have a claim and NEVER pursued it any further because you didn't know who to ask?

Our services:

-100% Free

-No obligation at ANYTIME

-Give you honest and real answers immediately

-Fastest turn-around time for answers in the industry

Take back the life that these products have taken from you. It's time to KNOW and BE the person you were before all of this.


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